Top airline food gripes: smelly, not free

The majority of travelers bring food with them on board flights versus shopping for things directly from the airline, a brand new survey found. But please. Leave that smelly victuals within the terminal.

The online survey conducted by YouGov polled one,000 travelers concerning their consumption habits, once flying from U.S. airports. Nearly one in 3 (31 %) brought food onto the plane with them—16 % of that cluster purchased things within the field and fifteen percent brought food from home. solely seven % of respondents bought food on the plane. The survey results were discharged late last week.

And whereas seventeen % listed robust smelling food brought on board by alternative fliers as their prime criticism, the biggest gripe was that free hot meals are not offered on flights quite four hours.

Other major criticisms enclosed restricted food choices (37 percent), dear food selections (31 percent) and poor quality (24 percent).

No explicit airline stood out for his or her snacks. 73 % of respondents either weren't certain or did not suppose any airline served the simplest snacks to shop for. Delta scored the foremost points for snack quality (7 percent), followed by JetBlue (4 percent).

Looking at carriers overall, twenty seven % aforesaid food quality has diminished throughout the past number of years, twenty % believe it's unchanged, and seven % had seen improvement.