Top 10 Universities in the World 2010/2011

  1. The University of Cambridge.
  2.  Harvard University.
  3. Yale University.
  4. University Collage London.
  5. Massachusetts Institute Technology.
  6. University Of Oxford .
  7. Imperial Collage London.
  8. University Of Chicago .
  9. California Institute Of Technology .
  10. Columbia University. 
The Best University is :

The University of Cambridge is high in history - its noted faculties and University buildings attract the folks from everywhere the globe. however the University's museums Associate in Nursingd collections conjointly hold several treasures that offer an exciting insight into a number of the profound activities, each past and gift, of the University's lecturers and students.

The University of Cambridge is one in all the oldest universities within the world and one in all the biggest within the uk. Its name for outstanding tutorial accomplishment is understood world-wide and reflects the intellectual accomplishment of its students, in addition because the first original analysis applied by the workers of the University and also the faculties. Its name is supported by the standard Assurance Agency and by different external reviewers of learning and teaching, like External Examiners.

These high standards area unit the results of each the training opportunities offered at Cambridge and by its in depth resources, together with libraries, museums and different collections.

Teaching consists not solely of lectures, seminars and sensible categories semiconductor diode by folks that area unit world specialists in their field, however conjointly a lot of individualized teaching organized through the colleges. several opportunities exist for college kids to act with students of all levels, each formally and informally.

There area unit thirty one faculties in Cambridge. 3 area unit for ladies (New Hall, Newnham and Lucy Cavendish) and 2 admit solely graduates (Clare Hall and Darwin). the rest house and teach all students listed in courses of study or analysis at the University.

every faculty is Associate in Nursing freelance establishment with its own property and financial gain. the colleges appoint their own workers and area unit accountable for choosing students, in accordance with University rules. The teaching of scholars is shared between the colleges and University departments. Degrees area unit awarded by the University.

at intervals every faculty, workers and students of all disciplines area unit brought along. This cross-fertilisation has inspired the free exchange of concepts that has semiconductor diode to the creation of variety of latest firms. Trinity and St John's have conjointly established science parks, providing facilities for start-ups, and creating a big contribution to the identification of Cambridge as a centre of innovation and technology.

additionally to the collections on show within the University's libraries & museums, there's a wealth of sporting and cultural activity at the University of Cambridge, a lot of of it unionised by individual clubs and societies travel by workers and students.

though the University doesn't provide courses within the artistic arts or sport, there's a robust tradition of feat in these fields, with several former students occurring to achieve international standing as artists, performers and athletes. Initiatives make sure that aspiring performers enrich their education with a high level of activity outside the lecture.