The Best Universities in the United Kingdom

Studying in the UK is an exciting experience. As well as London, the UK has places of beauty and tranquility.

The UK, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is home to one of the oldest systems of higher education in the world.

It is also one of the strongest, occupying four positions in the top 10 of the 2011 QS World University Rankings , including the top spot, taken by the University of Cambridge for the second consecutive.

If you are considering studying in the UK then London is a fantastic choice and we aim to help you find the top London universities. The 'Big Smoke' is home to a selection of well respected and revered educational establishments that offer a wide range of different courses. 

It is also a beautiful and exciting historic city with a real multicultural society and many rich cultures, all combining to make the London the place that it is.

On this Blog you can find the top London Universities and discover more about them by following their links. 

London is a wonderful place to be a student for everything you will learn inside university and everything you will learn out in the city.

1- University of Cambridge

2- UCL (University College London)

3- University of Oxford

4- Imperial College London

5- King’s College London (University of London)

6- University of Edinburgh

7- University of Bristol

8- The University of Manchester

9- The University of Warwick

10- University of Birmingham

11- The University of Sheffield

12- The University of Nottingham

13- University of Glasgow

14- London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE)

15- University of Southampton