We will talk in this post about the best or the top events which occured in any country in the world on 2012 :
1- EURO 2012 : Spain won it after win the final match with Itali 4/0 , David Silva and Jordi Alba scored first-half goals, and substitutes Fernando Torres and Juan Mata added two more in the final minutes as the Spanish passing game worked its magic against the Italians at the Olympic Stadium.
2- USA ELECTION : Barack Obama heads back to office facing what will most likely be bitterly partisan negotiations over whether the Bush tax cuts should expire.
   The House will still be majority Republican, with Democrats maintaining their majority in the Senate. for scond four years from 2012 - 2016 .
3- EGYPTION ELECTION : With 51.7% The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammad Murse has become Egypt's first freely elected president after a delayed announcement of the results . He win in the election   by more than almost 900,000 votes. Murse secured 51.7% of the vote, compared to 48% for Ahmad Shafiq.
4- LONDON OLYMPICS : Athletes from more than 200 countries had played on London for the Olympic and Paralympic Games on this year 2012 . With this event, the British capital had become the first city to have hosted the Olympics three times in the modern era (the others were 1908 and 1948). USA athletes was the first country and Chine is the second .
5- FRENCH ELECTION:  The election was marked by fears over European Union imposed austerity and economic globalization, and Hollandi  has said his first foreign meeting will be with German Chancellor Angela Merkel — the key driver of EU budget policy. But Fransisco Sarkozy failed to overcome deep-rooted anger at meagre economic growth and increasing joblessness, and winning this election .